New Brunswick, Canada

Oh hey, blog, it’s been a while!

Last month we took a family vacation up to New Brunswick, Canada. One morning I took my camera down to the beach with us and filmed the kids a bit so I could put this video together. Honestly I prefer photography over videography by far, but I always find that I watch the old videos I’ve made so often because the capture the kids’ phases so well. There’s nothing like seeing their little mannerisms that they’ve outgrown and (as much as I promise myself I won’t) I’ve forgotten about. So I’m hoping to make more little films to preserve these memories and perhaps I’ll actually start recording them in this space again as well.

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Weekend Exploring


A little weekend adventure in Essex, MA. Since my lovely husband bought me a new computer for Mother’s Day, I’m finally able to edit properly again and not just on my phone (perhaps breaking my instagram addiction and redirecting some of my photography here?). Anyhow, this is the first video I’ve edited in a long time and the first I’ve ever shot on my DSLR. I have quite a bit to learn but it’s fun to do and there’s nothing like recorded videos of the kids to look back on (and cry about) years from now.

A Weekend Away

*a post from a few weeks ago because I can’t ever do anything on time.

Chuck was away skiing this weekend for a friends bachelor party (which I’m actually very happy about, because that man works hard and deserves a break) so I decided to head up to my parents new place for the weekend with the kids.

It was a weekend full of outdoor adventures and naps (for me! Hallelujah! Thank you grandma). Nora kept busy following Grampy around the house helping him work and the dog was in absolute heaven running around the yard. Their new house borders the town forest, so trails leading directly away from their back yard are frequented by horses and I’m pretty sure it sparked Nora’s inevitable love for anything and everything equestrian.

My parents moved only recently, leaving behind the house I grew up in. As Chuck and I think about moving in the near future, being in their new home had me thinking about what our new changes will bring for us and for the kids. As Chuck always reminds me, “it’s good to be sad about moving on to the next thing, but only because it means the last choice you made was a good one.” And so my parent have left behind the home and the neighborhood I grew up in, and I will always be sad not to return there. Yet seeing my parents in their newfound happiness, cozy in the woods watching birds and horses pass by, I realize that they’ve made the right choice in finding their next home.

And so I know it will be the same with us. Boston has been the only place I’ve considered home as an adult; while living here I’ve gotten married and brought home two children (and a dog) to city apartments. I envisioned us staying here much longer. But motherhood changes you and my desires have changed with it, and so we will move on. The good news is that we won’t go far and we’ll come back often, and each time we do we’ll be reminded that our choice in living here had been a good one, too.

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My favorite way to travel has always been to pretend to live in a new place. To stay in an apartment where I can cook, in a neighborhood where I can walk and shop and generally do the everyday things I do at home. It sounds boring, sure, but it’s actually a great way to refresh and refocus. You get the a real sense of what it might be like to live in a new place, and I’m always amazed at how somewhat subtle differences in cities can have such a huge impact on how it feels to live out a day there.


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Vacation / Farmhouse in Maine

collage3image2 collageimage1image17 collage4 image31collage5    image10  image16collage6image11   .image14Since I am so behind on everything, most of these photos from our vacation last month are going up here totally unedited and without too much thought. Such as it is when you’re preparing for a new baby while chasing down a toddler, I guess. I only managed to pack my hospital bag the other day after having a few contractions and realizing that if I went into labor, I’d have nothing to take with me to the hospital!

So, here are the pictures from our charming week in a farmhouse in Maine. We found a property rental that included this little house, situated in the middle of a 70 acre working farm. It was exactly what we needed – some good, quiet family time. It had been a long time since Chuck had taken time off from work that wasn’t a long weekend or a work/vacation combination. I think it was good for his soul to really close the computer and turn off the phone (same goes for me.) Outdoor time is so important for our family and it’s always something we need to be intentional about since we live in the city. It’s easy to forget how good it is to be outdoors, but the second we pulled up to this little house and were able to let Nora and Auggie run free in the fields, we exchanged a look that said “oh yeah, we needed this.”

Dockside / Cape Cod

capecodIMG_6703capecod3 capecod2IMG_6690

Nothing like a weekend full of good friends, sandy toes, and sunshine to make it really feel like summer. Here, Nora is 18 months old (already!) and I’m about 6 months pregnant with baby boy. It feels crazy that this baby will be here before summer is even over. We’re getting so close! Nora still has no idea whats’s coming, but judging by her affinity for water, she’ll be happy with anything as long as we take her to the beach enough.

Miramar Beach, The Emerald Coast of Florida

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Last week we were in Florida covering some impressive ground and visiting a slew of family members. As much as I hate when family lives far away, it’s hard to complain when they’ve chosen such a beautiful place to be. As a bonus we got away from some dreary, early spring days here in Boston (although the flip side is that the 50 degree weather we returned to no longer feels as tropical as it might have a few weeks ago).

I have so many more pictures to go through (on top of a backlog that includes photos from our weekend in Newport, RI) but I couldn’t help but start with this set from our stay in Miramar, near where my sister lives in Destin. The sand was soft and the sun was strong – I could have stayed another week! Nora, I’m sure, could have stayed for the rest of her life. It’s like the kid was a fish in a past life and is intent on getting back to it – regardless of her complete inability to swim (or assess danger). 

Christmas in Colmar, France


Christmas in Colmar felt like nothing short of plunging head first into the idyllic scene on a Christmas card. It was almost comical how quaint and festive it all was – I often wondered if we’d accidentally stumbled upon a movie set. The whole city transforms its courtyards, squares and streets into an endless maze of holiday kiosks, doling out hot gluhwein (delicious, mulled wine) and enticing passerbys with wooden toys, homemade soaps and dark chocolates. All the while, cheery Christmas carols float through the air and lull you into thinking that just maybe, life might actually be as idyllic as a holiday card.

The photos don’t quite capture the essence of the whole experience – due in part to the gluhwein, and part to the fog that blanketed us in for the weekend. The fog was actually a bit of a treat, it felt an awful lot like snow without any of the bitterness. It was quite the start to the season.

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