Changes & Growth

Ten thousand things have happened in the last few months, and thinking about this blog hasn’t been one of them. As usual time has gotten away from me and suddenly my children seem like they’re on the verge of being teenagers and somehow we own a house and left the city and have taken on a barrage of projects.

Amongst all the changes and chaos, we took some time to celebrate this little man, my little Henry boy, turning one year old. How’d that happen so fast?


Breakheart Reservation

On Tuesday we headed to Breakheart Reservation with a few friends and their kiddos, and it’s since become our new favorite place. Since the kids are at a tough age for me to hike with them alone – Henry being too heavy for me to carry on my back for long, especially with a pack – this place, boasting a paved trail, allows me to take the stroller and give us easier access to nature without destroying my back. It’s a mile walk to the lake and a mile back, a perfect distance for us.

Nora’s currently obsessed with playing “Snake!” which involves pointing out fallen logs, pretending they’re giant snakes and running away from them. We also collect sticks and rocks along the way, pause here and there to explore off the paved path and jump from stumps and climb hills.

The swimming hole is perfect – nice and shallow with lifeguards present and plenty of shade to spread out blanket out in. I have a feeling we’ll be spending some quality time here this summer.














Life Lately

Crummy weather, a cold making it’s way around the family and a tediously slow house search have us all feeling a bit of cabin fever. But we’re trying to make the best of it and as a bonus I think the boredom has really jump started Nora and Henry’s playfulness with each other. Nora’s favorite game lately has been to try and make baby laugh, and Henry has begun to figure out peekaboo which they both adore. Now if only spring would truly arrive so we can take this energy outdoors!


Portraits 10/52

Yes, I skipped weeks 7, 8 and 9 of the 52Project. Of course, it’s mostly due to my inability to adhere to any kind of schedule, but it’s also due in part to the fact that Nora has recently developed a pretty strong aversion to the camera. I’m trying to respect her choices; she’s suddenly at an age where she notices everything and has an opinion on, well, everything. So snapping candid shots without her noticing is no longer possible. As always in this digital age, it’s a balance between connection & privacy. So fewer photos of her in the future, but still enough to remember her beautiful little toddler stages.



A Weekend Away

*a post from a few weeks ago because I can’t ever do anything on time.

Chuck was away skiing this weekend for a friends bachelor party (which I’m actually very happy about, because that man works hard and deserves a break) so I decided to head up to my parents new place for the weekend with the kids.

It was a weekend full of outdoor adventures and naps (for me! Hallelujah! Thank you grandma). Nora kept busy following Grampy around the house helping him work and the dog was in absolute heaven running around the yard. Their new house borders the town forest, so trails leading directly away from their back yard are frequented by horses and I’m pretty sure it sparked Nora’s inevitable love for anything and everything equestrian.

My parents moved only recently, leaving behind the house I grew up in. As Chuck and I think about moving in the near future, being in their new home had me thinking about what our new changes will bring for us and for the kids. As Chuck always reminds me, “it’s good to be sad about moving on to the next thing, but only because it means the last choice you made was a good one.” And so my parent have left behind the home and the neighborhood I grew up in, and I will always be sad not to return there. Yet seeing my parents in their newfound happiness, cozy in the woods watching birds and horses pass by, I realize that they’ve made the right choice in finding their next home.

And so I know it will be the same with us. Boston has been the only place I’ve considered home as an adult; while living here I’ve gotten married and brought home two children (and a dog) to city apartments. I envisioned us staying here much longer. But motherhood changes you and my desires have changed with it, and so we will move on. The good news is that we won’t go far and we’ll come back often, and each time we do we’ll be reminded that our choice in living here had been a good one, too.

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A thousand things I want to remember


These baby phases are flying by so quickly with Henry and sometimes I just want to hold him still in time for a while. But the best I can do it take some photos and try to remember how perfectly full of energy his little giggle is, so much so that it borders on shrieking with joy – especially when you kiss his belly or when he spots the dog.



FullSizeRender (3)


FullSizeRender (4)

Portraits, 3/52



Well, we’ve been under the weather over here. Coughs and fevers for both the kids. We’re all eager to get our health back and especially to get out of this house – the cabin fever has hit hard. Hopefully we’ll be back to normal in another day or two because we’ve watched every cartoon ever created and my sanity can’t take much more. (I can’t complain about the extra cuddles, though.)

Nora – sick day cuddles on the couch.

Henry – he’s happiest when he’s being held.

Winter Light


Now that the cold weather is really upon us, I’ve been searching for an alternative to spending our afternoons outdoors. We go to the library, museums, markets – but I’m always left feeling a little drained. There’s nothing quite like being in the great outdoors; nothing comes close to being as rejuvenating and refreshing.

As my husband always reminds me – there’s no bad weather, only inadequate clothing. So yesterday we bundled up, braved the 25 degree weather and hit the beach.

I expected us to last about 15 minutes but Nora had us out there for a full hour. While Henry was snug in my wrap, Nora ripped off her gloves and dug in the freezing sand and even splashed ankle-deep in the water (despite my protests, but at least with her shoes on). Then it was back to the car with the heat on full blast to de-sand and sip some hot coffee, all three of us feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

So as a note to myself – it may seem insane to pack up and head out when it’s below freezing outside and it’s perfectly cozy inside, but it’s always worth the effort and leaves us all in better moods (and as a bonus the house seems even cozier on our return!)