New Brunswick, Canada

Oh hey, blog, it’s been a while!

Last month we took a family vacation up to New Brunswick, Canada. One morning I took my camera down to the beach with us and filmed the kids a bit so I could put this video together. Honestly I prefer photography over videography by far, but I always find that I watch the old videos I’ve made so often because the capture the kids’ phases so well. There’s nothing like seeing their little mannerisms that they’ve outgrown and (as much as I promise myself I won’t) I’ve forgotten about. So I’m hoping to make more little films to preserve these memories and perhaps I’ll actually start recording them in this space again as well.

<p><a href=”″>New Brunswick, Canada</a> from <a href=”″>Allison Howe</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Father’s Day in the City

(I apologize for the super cliche song. I couldn’t help myself.)

On Sunday we had a make-up Father’s Day for Chuck since the entire family was hit with a nasty cold on the 19th and we did nothing but sit on the couch, watch tv, and complain the entire weekend. But we did a good job making up for it on Sunday, hitting some of our favorite spots around the city and hanging out with our one and only favorite guy. He’s a good one – the best – and he makes life full and happy.

Part of my desire to film our day was due to my slowly building anxiety about our impending move and channeling that into an effort to record our city memories. Although I’m super excited to live in a new town and have a house of our own, this city has been our home for a long time and I know I’ll miss it. (I’m acting like we’re moving out of state – the new house is only 40 minutes away. Change is hard!)



Weekend Exploring


A little weekend adventure in Essex, MA. Since my lovely husband bought me a new computer for Mother’s Day, I’m finally able to edit properly again and not just on my phone (perhaps breaking my instagram addiction and redirecting some of my photography here?). Anyhow, this is the first video I’ve edited in a long time and the first I’ve ever shot on my DSLR. I have quite a bit to learn but it’s fun to do and there’s nothing like recorded videos of the kids to look back on (and cry about) years from now.