Breakheart Reservation

On Tuesday we headed to Breakheart Reservation with a few friends and their kiddos, and it’s since become our new favorite place. Since the kids are at a tough age for me to hike with them alone – Henry being too heavy for me to carry on my back for long, especially with a pack – this place, boasting a paved trail, allows me to take the stroller and give us easier access to nature without destroying my back. It’s a mile walk to the lake and a mile back, a perfect distance for us.

Nora’s currently obsessed with playing “Snake!” which involves pointing out fallen logs, pretending they’re giant snakes and running away from them. We also collect sticks and rocks along the way, pause here and there to explore off the paved path and jump from stumps and climb hills.

The swimming hole is perfect – nice and shallow with lifeguards present and plenty of shade to spread out blanket out in. I have a feeling we’ll be spending some quality time here this summer.














2 thoughts on “Breakheart Reservation

  1. We went there often when we were young – it wasn’t far from our house. We went swimming and blueberry picking. Mom took me there when I was learning to drive. And it was a place for dating shenanigans, if you know what I mean… Good memories for me as you are also giving Nora and Henry!
    Nora and Henry’s Great Aunt Liz ❤️


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