Winter Hikes

We’ve learned over the last few years that our family’s sense of balance and overall stress levels are very dependent on how much time we spend outdoors. The more outdoor time, the better.

The winter poses a challenge because little kids and cold weather don’t seem, at first, to mix well. But little metabolisms run high and when your two year old never slows down anyway, frostbite seems an impossible risk once you’re out there and watching them run at top speed for hours.

Last year Nora was small enough that we would put her in the carrier while hiking, but this year it’s Henry who’s snuggled up against me while Nora runs free. Finding the right gear to keep a toddler properly outfitted for cold weather hikes was a bit of a learning curve this year. Maybe I’ll do a post on that later, but boiled down it comes to wool layers and the right boots.

Apparently I don’t have a single picture of Henry and I out on our adventures because I’m usually the one to carry him (and the camera) but I promise we were both there, too!

image1 collagehikingimage6 (3)


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