Portraits, 5/52


I’m fascinated by how play develops over time. Henry is just starting to reach for specific toys, inspect them (eat them), throw them and pick them back up. These days Nora is so focused on her play as work – she loves to line up her toys in straight little lines or work intently on a puzzle. Her imagination is exploding, too. Her animals “talk” to one another and she insists on her dinosaurs joining at the table for most meals, where they get their share of dinner straight from her plate. There is nothing as rewarding and fascinating as watching these babies of mine grow up.

6 thoughts on “Portraits, 5/52

  1. Such sweet pictures! I love that you are doing this project. It’s also a great reminder for me to update… It’s been a while. So hard to keep up but so happy we do and that our babies will have this to look back on!


  2. It really is amazing how kids develop and become the little ones they are. As a parent you watch and observe them play and grow and the fascination with them is endless. I miss those moments…now mine are both in school (KG and 3rd grade) and each stage is a gift to watch!


    • I used to this that people were crazy when their kid went to kindergarten and they claimed they were “all grown up!” But now I get it! They become their own little person so quickly and I just wish I could slow it down sometimes.

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