Winter Light


Now that the cold weather is really upon us, I’ve been searching for an alternative to spending our afternoons outdoors. We go to the library, museums, markets – but I’m always left feeling a little drained. There’s nothing quite like being in the great outdoors; nothing comes close to being as rejuvenating and refreshing.

As my husband always reminds me – there’s no bad weather, only inadequate clothing. So yesterday we bundled up, braved the 25 degree weather and hit the beach.

I expected us to last about 15 minutes but Nora had us out there for a full hour. While Henry was snug in my wrap, Nora ripped off her gloves and dug in the freezing sand and even splashed ankle-deep in the water (despite my protests, but at least with her shoes on). Then it was back to the car with the heat on full blast to de-sand and sip some hot coffee, all three of us feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

So as a note to myself – it may seem insane to pack up and head out when it’s below freezing outside and it’s perfectly cozy inside, but it’s always worth the effort and leaves us all in better moods (and as a bonus the house seems even cozier on our return!)


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