Apple Picking / Pumpkin Patch

Ah, the quintessential New England experience. Can’t let fall pass by without indulging in some apple picking (and the subsequent apple cake, apple cider and apple pie binge…)

Truth be told Nora was an absolute handful for most of this outing, mostly sitting in the stroller and being a grouch. So Chuck and I ended up doing most of the apple picking (with 8 day old Henry in tow!). We were apparently a bit too enthusiastic while trying to convince Nora that this really WAS a fun activity, which is possibly why we ended up with so many apples. I’m talking like 20 pounds of apples. Maybe more.

…there’s a lot of baking in our future.


2 thoughts on “Apple Picking / Pumpkin Patch

  1. Grampy

    The Angel does not look grouchy in the pictures! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her grouchy……….are we talking about the same child? Great pictures of all of you.


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