Henry James


Though I’ve done it once before, I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that my body knows how make another body, complete with perfect, tiny toes and a button nose. And not just a body, but a little soul that will grow to have his own personality, passions, and opinions. Despite being the most basic of biological occurrences, I still find it to be nothing less than mind blowing.

There is no better day than the day you get to meet your babies. Those little ones you’ve spent so long waiting for. They’re always a thousand times more beautiful than you ever imagined – their faces more innocent, their cries and coos even sweeter, and their smell even more intoxicating. My heart melts when I see little flickers of expression on my babes’ faces, making them look so precisely like their daddy.

So welcome, Henry James. Named for your grandfather James Joseph, may his strength, determination and wisdom inspire you as you grow. May your name serve to remind you that you are of a long line of strong men, so loved for their devotion to their family. We already love you so.



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