Vacation / Farmhouse in Maine

collage3image2 collageimage1image17 collage4 image31collage5    image10  image16collage6image11   .image14Since I am so behind on everything, most of these photos from our vacation last month are going up here totally unedited and without too much thought. Such as it is when you’re preparing for a new baby while chasing down a toddler, I guess. I only managed to pack my hospital bag the other day after having a few contractions and realizing that if I went into labor, I’d have nothing to take with me to the hospital!

So, here are the pictures from our charming week in a farmhouse in Maine. We found a property rental that included this little house, situated in the middle of a 70 acre working farm. It was exactly what we needed – some good, quiet family time. It had been a long time since Chuck had taken time off from work that wasn’t a long weekend or a work/vacation combination. I think it was good for his soul to really close the computer and turn off the phone (same goes for me.) Outdoor time is so important for our family and it’s always something we need to be intentional about since we live in the city. It’s easy to forget how good it is to be outdoors, but the second we pulled up to this little house and were able to let Nora and Auggie run free in the fields, we exchanged a look that said “oh yeah, we needed this.”

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