The Magic of the Woods / Life with a Toddler


Some days (especially some mornings) it feels like my child and I are pulling in completely opposite directions. Despite endless efforts to make our home an accessible, child friendly, Montessori-style environment, there are days when all she wants to do is destroy the pile of mail and chuck all the shoes down the hallway. To play in the dog’s water bowl and scream at the pantry door for some mystery item that apparently doesn’t exist – though she’s convinced I’m withholding it from her.

Enter the magic of the woods.

Freedom to explore. Freedom, for me, to get some head space and solace. Freedom for a toddler to be a toddler. And best part is, the mess is all part of the fun.

Children are fascinating to watch in nature. It’s striking how often Nora is delicate with plants, berries, even rocks. How sure footed she is climbing rocks (and how appropriate it seems for her to climb rocks, when climbing on the table at home is such a “no no”). The woods take away all those rules and stresses and suddenly we’re no longer pulling in opposite directions anymore. We’re both just enjoying being present, together, outside.

The nap afterwards isn’t bad, either.

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