A Chilly Day in Rockport


A few weeks ago we made it out to Rockport, one of my favorite coastal Massachusetts towns. Chilly beach days in the fall are my favorite, so it felt like an extra treat to have one at the end of July. Wearing sweaters and watching clouds with hot coffee in hand is the best way for us pale people to enjoy the coast.

It had been a year since our last visit to Rockport and it really made me notice all the changes that have happened since. Last year, it was squishy little 6 month old Nora’s first dip in the Atlantic. She hated it and cried on contact, but it was adorably sad and a memory I love. This year, the little daredevil repeatedly dragged us back into the frigid water, running into the tiny waves, climbing on rocks and showing no signs of being phased by the chill. Sometimes I’m not sure where this little water baby came from.

We also couldn’t take the train out this year (it’s such a gorgeous ride) because this big pregnant belly of mine has become too cumbersome, and conserving energy is the name of the game in the third trimester. So the car was less exciting, but more practical. It’s crazy to think that next year we’ll be there with both a toddler and an infant in tow. It all seems to fly by when you break it down by year, so I’ll just keep focusing on each day.

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