Digging in / Slowing Down

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I read a piece of advice a while back (which I’m sure I’ve twisted and changed to the point that it’s probably even not recognizable as the original advice anymore, but it serves me just as well) that said something along the lines of “when you’re feeling frustrated, try digging in to where you are instead of pushing back or running away. Get more present, not less.”

It’s advice that’s served me well in the last few months and inspired a whole lot of family-love and home-love. When I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by motherhood (and who doesn’t, sometimes?) I stop and question what it is I’m not enjoying at the moment, and focus on digging in to that piece and turning it positive instead of looking for a break. Somehow the house has suddenly stayed tidier and small walks around the block have felt more satisfying. Cluttered corners have become happy homes for objects that inspire peace, and more soulful cooking has been happening on weeknights. The garden is flourishing and we’re all just a little more relaxed.

So even though it’s the middle of summer, and nesting feels absurdly contradictory to the weather, I’m digging in to home and trying to appreciate the little things. The slower things and the smaller things.

And, we continue to wait, wait, wait for this little babe to arrive.

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