Thoughts in the Third Trimester


I’ve been meaning to take my thoughts on this pregnancy and put them to paper for just about the entirety of this pregnancy so far. But it keeps slipping the to-do list, primarily because my overriding thought is always “oh god, I am so tired”, and that’s not very poetic.

I have some half written post from the first trimester about how it’s strange to be pregnant for the second time; to be experiencing pregnancy without experiencing the transition to motherhood. I wrote a lot about how I kept forgetting I was pregnant (despite always feeling ill) because of being constantly wrapped up in keeping pace with a toddler. But then I blinked, and the first and second trimesters were over. Suddenly I’m lugging around this cumbersome belly and searching for my toes, and it’s now drastically more difficult to forget that my body is busy producing another.

Yesterday, I started writing about how we’re speeding towards the due date (September 16th), but then Nora woke up from her nap, and with my bedtime being approximately the same as hers nowadays, there wasn’t exactly time at the end of the day to finish putting thought to paper.

I suppose my lack of posting about this pregnancy is all very metaphorical. If I don’t just experience (and write down) what’s happening in that very moment, we’ll be on to the next before I know it. So today’s in-the-moment thought, a few weeks into my third trimester, is, as usual, “oh god. I am SO tired”.

But so, so happy.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts in the Third Trimester

  1. You’re absolutely glowing and beautiful! I’m so happy I found your blog. These photos are gorgeous and I’m so excited for you, fellow mommy blogger. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and the excitement grows for the newest addition to your family!


  2. Tina

    So fetching and soul embracing to imagine my East Coast great grandson moving around under your loving hands and that beautiful white dress.


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