Papa Bear Day

fathersday fathersdaycollage IMG_1566

Daddys are a special kind of fun, and also a special kind of clever. Nora’s a lucky little bee to have to have such a loving and creative daddy, who also happens to be the author of the following quotes…

“No, you can’t eat the phone. There’s not an app for that.”

“Have you ever watched the laundry spin upside down?! It’s how astronauts train for moon landings!”

(in a sing song voice) “Nora, Nora, don’t be a whiner, I’d give you a beer if you weren’t a minor.”

“I feel like all the strange things I’ve said to our toddler I’ve also said to a drunk friend in my 20’s. ‘Are you done eating and ready to pass out now?'”

And my personal favorite, while thinking he was well out of earshot (someone forgot the monitor was on) “Okay, let’s go bother Mama now.”

And countless other limericks, ad libs, and rhymes. We love you Dada, and all the joy and laughter you bring to our lives!

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