Downtown Weekend Wanderings

My favorite days in Boston are when we get on the T in an adventurous mood with absolutely no plan for where we’ll end up. It’s fun to see where city will pull you, and how a series of parks and stores and coffee shops can turn into one big adventure. That kind of day made up probably 90% of our first year of dating in this city. Our outings have a heavier emphasis on parks now – but the coffee still plays an equally large role (possibly larger).

Saturday found us walking Beacon Hill and lounging by the Charles, where Nora took to people watching and attempting to evade both her parents in order to jump in the river. (Having unintentionally gone for a swim in the Charles once, I can say with full confidence – it’s never a good idea).

A few snapshots from the day…

Bridgenora and mama charles river Daddy and NoraNora and Daddy FunPiano in the parkmama and nora

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