Christmas in Colmar, France


Christmas in Colmar felt like nothing short of plunging head first into the idyllic scene on a Christmas card. It was almost comical how quaint and festive it all was – I often wondered if we’d accidentally stumbled upon a movie set. The whole city transforms its courtyards, squares and streets into an endless maze of holiday kiosks, doling out hot gluhwein (delicious, mulled wine) and enticing passerbys with wooden toys, homemade soaps and dark chocolates. All the while, cheery Christmas carols float through the air and lull you into thinking that just maybe, life might actually be as idyllic as a holiday card.

The photos don’t quite capture the essence of the whole experience – due in part to the gluhwein, and part to the fog that blanketed us in for the weekend. The fog was actually a bit of a treat, it felt an awful lot like snow without any of the bitterness. It was quite the start to the season.

ColmarcafeCathedralstreetkiosksincolmarkioskcollagequietstreetau dorecollagetrees

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