Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Muren29bernese oberland murren DSC08304 Muren12Family Photo MurenMuren4 Muren8  Muren24

After three days in Zurich, we checked out of our hotel, rented a car, and drove 2 hours through a lot of tunnels and some very twisty mountain passes down to Interlaken. From there we drove up to into the Lauterbrunner valley, which is something like the Swiss Yosemite – a picturesque little valley with steep tall granite walls on both sides, draped in waterfalls.  From there, we took a cable car up the side of the valley, revealing some absolutely stunning views along the steep ascent. At the top, the cable car met up with a little narrow-gauge railway which took us a couple of miles along a narrow ledge on the valley wall to a little town called Murren (the cable car and train are the only ways in and out!) We were just above the snowline so it was a bit of winter wonderland for us, and we timed it perfectly with the sunniest day here so far so we had massive view of Eiger, Monsch, and Jungfrau – the three peaks that overlook the valley. At the end of the day we were treated to an unparalleled sunset scene before descending back into the valley. It was a day that we will surely consider a favorite forever.

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