Saying Goodbye to Summer

Summer’s long been my least favorite season. The sweltering heat, the humidity that plagues the east coast, and the sunburns my fair skin seems extra prone to always add up to a less than pleasant outdoor experience. But this summer I felt like a kid again, the excitement of dipping toes in chilly ocean water far outweighing the promise of slight heat stroke. Though of course, they weren’t my little piggies I was excited about this time around.

I can’t get over the wonder in Nora’s eyes the first time she scoops up sand at the beach or realizes that kicking her feet in water results in the most delightful splashes. I have the intense and conflicting desire to keep her at this wondrous stage forever and simultaneously fast forward to when she can ask questions and verbalize all her fascinating observations. But as we explored Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor recently, the day was so perfect that I wasn’t thinking of a single thing other than enjoying those fleeting summer moments.





picnic spotNoraMom2

One thought on “Saying Goodbye to Summer

  1. Tina

    Hopefully you will return to same place, same day, same time next year, then summer’s halting farewell can again be captured through the joy of tiny feet. Heartwarming.


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