A Summer Afternoon in the North End


A Summer Afternoon in the North End

Boston’s summer on the waterfront is invigorating, so this afternoon we headed over to check out the scene. I always feel at home in the North End, having lived there four years ago when I met Chuck. He lived on Beacon Hill at the time, so the whole area encompassing the two neighborhoods felt like home before we moved across the harbor. We used to spend countless hours wandering the streets and picnicking on the “beach” at Columbus Park.

Nora was in a great mood today but decided not to smile for any photographs, silly bug. In her defense she had quite a week – croup, a new tooth, and vaccines! It was great to get out of the house and finally get some fresh air. 



Lunch at Tia’s (the food was no good, but the view was great!)




We grabbed coffee on Salem Street and then hit Stillman Park, one of my favorite North End spots. It’s a tiny playground nestled behind one of the busiest streets in the neighborhood, and it’s always shady so it feels super cozy.


 ^^ “I’m too cool for this, mum.” ^^


The picture of Chuck and Nora on the slide has got to be one of my all time favorites. Their faces are priceless! Chuck apparently forgot how exciting slides can be, and Nora looks unimpressed with the whole thing.






Strollin’ the streets of the North End.

Before heading home we stopped at Monica’s on Salem Street, an absolute gem of the North End. Check out all the delicious snacks! The subs are to die for and their prepared food is such a treat.




^^ I’m hungry again just thinking about it ^^


A bottle and then sleep for the little one, and a few minutes for mommy and daddy to enjoy some our treats from Monica’s at home!


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